Recruit from Kirt and Hemp (for companies looking to recruit)

Before you proceed, it is mandatory for you to Understand the application procedure first before applying to work with us. 

If you’ve read and fully understood our do’s and dont’s and you would still like to continue, read on. 

Any applications that do not strictly adhere to the procedure or whose senders seem to not have an understanding of the procedure will be 

thrown out completely.

Step 1: Visit website and navigate to ‘recruitment’. Click the ‘recruitment’ tab here 

Step 2: On the recruitment page, read the form to understand the requirements well

Step 3: Follow instructions and submit ALL REQUIRED answers to the portal

Step 4: Kindly wait. We will get back to you as soon as possible to explain the reasons why we can or cannot work together. We shall advise on

the way forward from there.

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